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This is the Biggest Mistake Value Investors make

Value Investing is seductively easy. Summarized into one sentence, Value Investing is the art of picking stocks that are undervalued, a.k.a. buying a dollar for 50 cents. The big problem - paraphrasing what Johan Cruyff said about football - Value Investing is a simple concept, but it is extremely hard to invest with simplicity. How Value Investors Buy Books Consider the following analogy: Put yourself in the shoes of a Value Investor in a book store. Having a natural inclination to buy stuff that is on undervalued, you will automatically be drawn to the table with a big sign saying: Books 50-80% OFF!  And therein lies the problem. Buying a book is a bet with an asymmetric outcome. The downside is that you will buy a book and it might turn out to be a waste of your time, plus the $10 to $30 it cost to purchase it. The upside, however, is close to infinite. A good book can fundamentally alter your life. Mistakes of Omission Most of the books on the discount table are

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