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The Columbo Method of Equity Research

Remember detective Columbo? He was a phenomenal character played by Peter Falk in a 1970s TV series guessed it...Columbo. Detective Columbo was a scruffy and simplistic character, dressed in his signature beige raincoat and crumpy white shirt with a loosely knotted tie.

Colombo is no normal detective series, though. As is you would expect, Columbo's job is to solve murder mysteries. However, the episodes don't play out with Columbo delving into each case and eventually discovering who is the murderer, in a sharp twist near the end. Columbo is a detective series without the mistery.

In the case of Columbo, each of the 69 episodes begins with the scene of the murder. So, as viewer, you know from the beginning who the doer is. The rest of the episode is a mental wrestling match between the murderer and lieutenant Columbo.
The Colombo Technique of Investigation In each Columbo case, the murder is committed by someone close to the victim. This allows Columbo to approac…

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